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FAQ | The Allergy Kit

FAQ | The Allergy Kit

We will be continually adding questions and answers to our website from emails, questions given over the phone and other means to allow a better understanding of The Allergy Kit. Send us your question; we may add it here.

Q. Is there a limit to how many times each vial can be used? Will it last forever?

Forever is a very long time. We have had vials that we have used in our office for over 10 years, but they probably would last longer. They do not weaken with age. The ones that are old work as well as new ones.

Q. Assuming it works, do some people have to repeat the process at a later date because the allergies come back?

We really don’t know why we get allergies, therefore it might be necessary to treat yourself again. We find that food combination can appear as though the treatment didn’t last. But generally, once cleared, it should not come back unless some stressor triggers it.

Q. Can the same vial be used on more than one person in one day? Or do the vials have to rest also?

You can treat as many people as you want with the vials, right after another, there is no resting period needed.

Q. Do you have to keep the vials away from energy sources such as computers, microwaves, TVs, phones?

Since we are using energy medicine, it is advisable to keep them away from those things. But we have had people that have inadvertently taken home the vials after the treatment, put them in their purse for a week, (with their cell phone) and when returned, still work. We have also taken the kits on a plane, where they Xray them and they still work. But I would avoid it as much as possible.

Q. Do you have a suggested food list for each day to help a person figure out what can be eaten that day since there are so many things in some of these vials?

Not really. We only tell you what you cannot eat. You have to avoid milk, cheese, and egg products for the first vial. Therefore, you can eat anything as long as they don’t have milk, cheese or egg products. Look at the labels for the foods you are going to eat. That should be your guide.   

Q. Are there any people that shouldn’t use this?

People that are very sensitive should go slowly so their body can come back into balance before moving on to the next vial. The worst thing that can happen, is it doesn’t work.  We do have a protocol that you can use if you are getting a reaction to the treatment, to lessen the bodies rapid balancing that sometimes can be uncomfortable.

Q. Does Kangen water interfere with the treatments or help?

The more water the better. Kagen water is OK.

Q. After finishing the first 7 vials, is there any special order to follow for the extra vials that may be needed?

We ask you to follow a specific protocol to strengthen and build up the immune system. Like building a house, you must start with a good foundation, then build on top of that. This is why the order is important. And since you eat foods all the time, if these foods are disrupting your electrical system, it is wise to fix that first. Then, with a stronger immune system, we can treat those other allergens that are most bothersome.

Q. Is there a cleansing period/ and reactions after any of these?

The body of an allergic person and most people are not working properly. Every time we make a correction, there is a period where the body adjusts and adapts to the new environment. Sometimes, there can be a reaction. Like a pool that has been left unattended for years, when you just mix the water, you bring up all the sludge and stuff that has settled on the bottom, and the clear water (with the junk on the bottom) becomes really dirty looking. But after it is allowed to settle, it is cleaner than before and just as clear. The body will have the strength to start the removal of toxins again and can cause a reaction. These are good and expected in some cases. Most of the time, the majority of people have no negative reaction, but we never know when it comes up.

Q.We are in the process of allergy treatment and I had a couple questions about food avoidance during the treatment. Vial 2 & 5 ~ when you must stay away from all sugars, fruit, etc. Does this include non-sweet fruits like avocados, tomatoes, olives?  Also what about sweet veggies such as carrots, beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes?  I know that potatoes have a higher glycemic index than many fruits.  And starches also convert to sugar in the blood stream ~ white bread, pasta, rice, etc detoxic atsiliepimai?  Do we need to avoid all these as well?  It is not a problem for me but I am also treating children who have a limited diet and when I have to cut out fruit there are very limited options.  They have tons of allergies so what they can eat is limited.

Don’t worry too much about what to avoid. Low sugar foods are not really a problem. Sweet potato is OK, carrots no, potato no. Starches are OK. Just remember we are only talking about 1 day of avoidance. Limit them as much as possible. You can substitute stevia for sugar. It is the best sugar substitute that I know of. The two vials treating sugar should be done again after finishing the treatment because sugars are one of the most difficult to clear. Rice, pasta and (nobody should eat white bread) is Ok. No juice, no soda, no smoothies, no sweet fruit. 

Q. If we do the treatment in the evening (on Wed.), wait 25 hours, should we then wait until Friday eve. to do the next vial?

You must wait at least 25 hours between treatments. We recommend you take the next day off to let the body adapt to the new programming, then you can do another vial. 

Q. I have a two year old I would also like to treat.  She is too small to allow me to tap on her without her getting annoyed and I know she won’t sit still for the 10 minutes. Is there a way I could treat her when she is asleep….like treating myself while touching her? And if I do this am I treating myself as well or just her? Would I need to treat myself again at another time?

You could sit her on your lap and treat her with the vial placed in the appropriate place with the Q tip. Do the treatment on yourself with your intention to treat her. It takes about 4 minutes to do that, then she can get off your lap. Just remove the vial in 10 minutes. Good luck, you are doing a great job. As you reintroduce foods, do it slowly in both quantity and frequency.

Q. One more question :o) We did Vial #6 today….. Can we eat corn on the cob?  or is corn considered a grain?

And can I assume below you are talking about me putting the 2-year-old on my lap and tapping on myself ~ but doing the q-tip and vial in her diaper?

That is correct. Corn is in vial 6. You should not eat corn.

Q. Is it important to do all the vials 2 days apart (or at least 25 hours?)  I am having a struggle planning when me and my daughter will complete the treatment because there are so many day trips coming up where the food restrictions will be tough.  Would it effect the outcome if some of the vials are 3 detoxic farmacia.4 or 5 days apart?  or is it better to have it done at the 2 day intervals?

The 2 day wait between vials are the minimum amount of time you should wait. You can take as long as you like between vials. 

Q. Can you tell me how The Allergy Kit helps with food allergies?

When you eat any food, the food is (or should be) digested properly and the nutrients absorbed. When you’re allergic to the food, the body treats the food like an invader, a toxin, a bacteria or virus and does whatever it can to eliminate it from the body. Sometimes, trying to protect the body, it surrounds the suspect food in fat protecting the body from the food (but remember there is nothing to protect, the food is harmless, just the reaction to it.) Sometimes the foods are poorly digested in the digestive tract and putrefy and rot in the digestive tract. Other times, the body creates chemicals trying to wash the foods from the body like histamines. All these reactions are BECAUSE THERE IS A WRONG PREMISE; THAT THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE FOOD. There isn’t. It’s a mistake that the immune system makes trying to protect the body.

The Allergy Kit changes that WRONG PROGRAMMING. It cancels that error, just like you would run a virus program on the computer and erases it. The kit does just that using vials that hold the energetic charge of the allergen. We use these vials to show where the error is and with specific tapping and balancing sequence, we erase the error and tell the immune system that this food is GOOD. Once we erase the incorrect programming, the body, when it comes in contact with the allergen, doesn’t react.

After the new programming is installed, the body starts to absorb the nutrients in a much better and a more efficient way, the immune system stops making the same stupid mistake, (remember FOODS ARE GOOD) and all the energy that was used to wage battle with the allergic food can be used for health and healing.

Q. I’m only allergic to a couple of things. Do I have to do all the treatments?

Even though you might not be aware that you are allergic and have no obvious reactions, we recommend that you do all 7 treatments, in the proper order. If you are allergic to anything, you certainly have a compromised immune system and The Allergy Kit will strengthen the immune system by eliminating the wasteful responses (allergic symptoms) to the foods you eat every day and use the energy that the body used to waste fighting the allergy and redirect this energy to restore health and well being throughout the various systems of the body.

Q. How do you apply The Allergy Kit to children and small babies?

Babies can be treated by holding the baby on the mothers lap and treating the mother just like she is getting the treatment. The only difference is that you would put the vial in the baby’s diaper instead of on the mother. Tap away and let the vial stay in place for 10 minutes. The baby must do the avoidance process for 25 hours. That’s it.

Q. I’ve been exposed to Toxic Mold Stachybotrys, I have most of the symptoms you speak of on you website I’ve been sick for 7 years and I can’t find anyone to help me or give me solid answers to getting better please tell me that your viles will help me to get better.

I believe that by using The Allergy Kit, it will strengthen your immune system thus allowing your body to respond better to everything.  We have mold in the basic kit, and after you have treated yourself for the basic kit, we can offer you more specific vials for specific molds or other allergens that might still be affecting you. I suggest that you start with The Allergy Kit. Many problems will go away when the immune system is allowed to work on balancing your internal chemical responses to the world around you. If you don’t feel better, treat yourself again, especially the mold vial then call us and we will make a mold vial just for you.

Q. Can The Allergy Kit help people with celiac disease?

Celiac is a very stubborn problem. After you finish The Allergy Kit, I would suggest you take predigested fish protein, both probiotic and digestive enzymes and stay away from all wheat for a couple of months to allow the body to repair. Then repeat the vial with wheat and gluten. Next, slowly introduce a very small amount of wheat and see how the body tolerates it.

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