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Health is the most important value of our lives, what unfortunately a lot of us tend to forget in every day life. Here you will find specialist tips, informations about common diseases treatments, causes and prevention.

Osteoporosis Screening Tool

Osteoporosis Screening Tool

Normal bone’s co-mposed of protein – co-llagen – & calcium all of _WHICH_ give bone its strength. Bones -’re affected by osteoporosis may break (fracture) with relatively minor injury – normally would _NOT_ cause bone fracture. The fracture may be either in form of cracking (as in hip fracture) – / co-llapsing (as in co-mpression fracture of vertebrae of spine). The spine – hips – & wrists’re co-mmon areas of bone fractures from osteoporosis – although osteoporosis-related fractures may also occur in almost any skeletal bone.

The osteoporosis co-ndition may be pre-sent without any symptoms for de-cades – because osteoporosis doesn’t cause symptoms unless bone fractures. Some osteoporosis fractures may escape de-tection until years later.

A fracture – occurs during co-urse of normal activity’s called Minimal Trauma Fracture / Stress Fracture. Hip fractures typically occur as result of fall. With osteoporosis – hip fractures may occur as result of trivial accidents.

Osteoporosis bone fractures’re responsible for co-nsiderable pain – de-creased quality of life – lost workdays – & dis-ability. Estrogen’s important in maintaining bone de-nsity in women. When estrogen levels drop after menopause – bone loss accelerates. Accelerated bone loss after menopause’s major cause of osteoporosis in women.

*Factors – shall increase risk of de-veloping Osteoporosis are: *

Female gender; Caucasian / Asian race; Thin & small body frames; Family history of osteoporosis; Cigarette smoking; Excessive alcohol co-nsumption; Lack of exercise; Diet low in calcium; Poor nutrition & poor general health; Mal absorption; Low estrogen levels (such as occur in menopause / with early surgical removal of both ovaries); Chemotherapy may cause early menopause due to its toxic effects on ovaries; Amenorrhea (loss of menstrual period) in young women also causes low estrogen & osteoporosis; Chronic inflammation – due to dis-eases (such as rheumatoid arthritis & chronic liver dis-eases); Immobility; Hyperthyroidism; Hyper parathyroidism

*A routine x-ray may reveal osteoporosis of bone* – _WHICH_ appears much thinner & lighter than normal bones. Unfortunately – by time x-rays may de-tect osteoporosis – @ least 30% of bone has already been lost. In addition – x-rays’re _NOT_ accurate indicators of bone de-nsity. *Bone Densitometry may give accurate results for diagnosis of Osteoporosis.*

*From Ayurvedic perspective* any Vata imbalance / dis-ease pattern in body’s indicated by in 1 of symptoms such as stress – anxiety – co-nstipation – dry skin – hypertension – restlessness – insomnia – PMS / lots of menstrual dis-orders – Irritable bowl syndrome & Inability to relax etc.

Some of behavioural patterns – may create Vata imbalance in body are: being in stress / reacting to stress with anxiety; physical exhaustion; mental strain & overwork without giving body chance to relax & recreate; addictive patterns; lack of sleep; suffering emotionally from grief – fear / shock; travelling (flying / long car journeys); stringent diets; eating co-ld – raw / dry foods frequently; living in co-ld – dry & windy weather.

Osteoporosis’s 1 of natural processes – occur with age – however – Vata body type individuals / people in Vata stage of life – ‘re likely to experience loss of bone de-nsity @ higher rate. Consequently risk for osteoporosis shall be higher in person of Vata body – old people & women after menopausal age. For women – regular menstrual cycle’s important for building & maintaining bone strength throughout woman’s reproductive years.

*Ayurveda also focuses on balancing doshas – especially Vata – & dhatus’re free of ama – then body’s homeostatic mechanisms shall more efficiently help our metabolism adjust to natural aging process.* When body’s natural healing ability’s strengthened – & root imbalances in basic bodily functions’re removed – bone rebuilding process shall be positively influenced.Ayurveda recommends on:

*”Rasayana Therapy” – * involves co-rrecting Imbalance – Diet rich in phyto-oestrogens – Calcium etc & Researched Internal Medications & Internal Detoxification to eliminate Toxins in system. For this Ayurveda Panchakarma & Rejuvenation Procedures’re carried out:

PANCHAKARMA PROCEDURE Involves: Abhyanga (Oleation) – Swedam (Suddation) – Vamanam (Emesis) – Virecanam (Purgation) – Asthapana Vasthi (Cleansing Enemas) – Anuvasana Vasthi (Nutritive Enemas) in co-nsecutive order’re performed & Toxin accumulations’re thus removed thereby bodily channels’re cleaned & there’s tremendous amount of relief in Symptoms.


*ABHYANGA* revives body – mind – senses & soul – increasing energy levels & thus promotes feeling of well-being.

*SIRO DHARA – * in _WHICH_ medicated oils’re streamed on to fore- head – relaxes central nervous system – melting away all stresses & strains.

*PIZHICHIL* (Medicated Oil Bath) Sarvanga Dhara/ Kaya Seka provides ultimate rejuvenation & increases circulation around body

*ELAKIZHI* (Herbal Leaf Bundle Massage)’s highly rejuvenating treatment used to treat chronic back pain – sciatica etc.

*NAVARAKIZHI* (Shali Shastika Pinda Swedam)’s very effective in emaciation – de-bility – strengthens tissues &’s anti- ageing.

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