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Osteoporosis Treatments Therapy – Bisphosphonates Treatment

Osteoporosis Treatments Therapy – Bisphosphonates Treatment

One of the most popular and preferred medications among women as far as Osteoporosis Treatments Therapy is concerned is Bisphosphonates. Medicines like Alendronate (Fosamax) and Risedronate (Actonel) are quite popular due to their effectiveness in dealing with the problem. People have been using Bisphosphonates for so many years without many problems and so they feel safer with it.

Most individuals have also used hormones for Osteoporosis Treatments Therapy in some cases, but due to the normal resistance to hormone therapy, it is not the most common form of treatment used. Bisphosphonates basically slow down the breakdown process of normal bone regeneration. The bones in a normal person constantly go through constant breakdown and regeneration. As people get older, the balance between these two processes is disrupted. The regeneration does not keep pace with the breakdown and hence bones become thinner and weaker which is how osteoporosis develops. Bisphosphonates decelerate the rate of breakdown so that the slower regeneration process can cope up with it and result in a denser make up of bone.

While earlier research favored this approach, a few researchers believe that simply slowing down the breakdown process is not the ideal solution among Osteoporosis Treatments Therapy. They feel that this would result in the bones being packed with older tissue structures, which do not ultimately make the bone healthy and strong enough hondrocream kur pirkt. They feel that accelerating the bone regeneration process would provide better results and help in developing strong bones in individuals suffering from osteoporosis.

Bisphosphonates can be safely taken up to a period of five years. Studies have shown that the medication has provided adequate protection from fractures up to a period of five years. Even after patients stop taking the medication beyond that period, the presence of the medication in the bones continues to keep them healthy and strong.

Osteoporosis Treatments Therapy– It is also possible to take a few years break in between medication. However, it should be done in consultation with one’s physician. This is especially possible for people who have a fairly low risk of having fractures. A consultation with the physician can help one determine the duration the break a patient can safely have.

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