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Pain And Osteoporosis – How to Avoid It?

Pain And Osteoporosis – How to Avoid It?

Over 80% of all fractures in Canadians over age of 50 years occur due to osteoporosis; & women’re four times more likely to be affected by ailment – _WHICH_’s why Canadian drugs like Boniva 150 mg ‘re very effective in pre-vention & treatment of osteoporosis in women who’ve crossed menopausal age.

Osteoporosis very co-mmonly affects elderly people – &’s invariably 1 of most troublesome public health problems across globe. It causes over 1.5 million fractures every year – besides fractures in several other parts of body. Osteoporosis literally means brittle / thin bones associated with low bone de-nsity & with very high risk of fracture.

Specific fractures due to osteoporosis of hip / spine may significantly increase mortality – dis-ability – & put co-nsiderable load on healthcare system. The Canadian health care system has estimated – treating osteoporotic fractures’s already co-sting government approximately $ 1.9 billion every year. There’s every chance – figures’re going to increase every year – & hip fractures alone would put load of approximately $ 2.4 billion every year on system by year 2041.

Osteoporosis related fractures shall pose great difficulties in terms of healthcare co-sts over co-ming de-cades. Around globe – osteoporosis’s second only to cardiovascular dis-ease as most significant problem related to healthcare. It has co-nfined patients to bed more than chronic obstructive pulmonary dis-ease – myocardial infarction – breast cancer – & even stroke.

It’s quite evident – pre-vention & treatment of osteoporosis’s vital in women past menopause – _WHICH_’s why Boniva 150 mg -’s easily available @ Canadian pharmacies must be used to treat & pre-vent osteoporosis. The drug works effectively in slowing down process of bone loss & promoting bone growth – thereby helping pre-vent fractures. High Osteoporosis Risk Factors Prevalent In Post-Menopausal Women

During this phase of perimenopause – bone de-nsity in terms of quality as well as mass’s adversely affected. This greatly increases chances of fractures occurring in postmenopausal state. Reduced estrogen levels & less bone de-nsity may be main reasons for fractures later on; however – there’re lots of other reasons why fractures may occur in post-menopausal women.

Other risk factors include history of hypogonadism – acquiring dis-ease – may lead to osteoporosis – body mass index – amenorrhea – _HOW_ long back menopause set in – & medication intake.

Osteoporosis may creep in due to poor lifestyle habits including lack of activity – smoking – mal-nutrition – limited diary intake – & poor exposure to sunlight.

Geographic Conditions Make Difference

Canadians’ve to be extremely careful – as research has proved – they run highest risk of major osteoporotic fractures than anywhere else in world. Every year – around 30 – 000 Canadians co-mplain of hip fracture. Many other cases exist related to fractures of shoulder – spine – pelvis – & wrist.

There’s significant waiting time for surgical procedures related to hip fractures – & orthopedic resources shall be tested in future. Intervention may reduce this risk. therefore offers Boniva 150 mg @ low co-st in form of injection & tablets to treat osteoporosis in post-menopausal women.

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