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TSW Sufferers? GET REAL!

TSW Sufferers? GET REAL!

Don’t expect non-TSW sufferers to understand you. They don’t, they can’t. It’s like asking a horse to understand how it feels to be a monkey. Don’t expect comfort. Get ready to endure pain, itch, scratching, ooze, blood, dead skin, depression and all the shit. There is no joy in going through this. Your body deserves the outcome due to the intentional or non-intentional abuse you have done to yourself. You owe a debt, you pay a debt. You get through this phase, nothing else will bother you in the future.

Stop wallowing in self-pity. Don’t expect people to indulge in you or your skin condition. It won’t help your recovery. No one has an interest in your health or skin, except yourself and your immediate family. Not doctors, not friends, and sometimes not your relatives. Some are even glad to see you in this condition.

Don’t expect others to hand you tips for your recovery. It takes a lot of personal work and mental grit to get through this. You learn passively, you get the outcomes you deserve. Research and learn actively hendels garden goji cream. Current TSW sufferer? I feel and empathize with you. That’s all I can do. I can offer help and advice, but please make your own judgement and decisions.

So you have conquered TSW and became a vet. Good for you. I value your opinions, with a pinch of salt. I don’t take your words as holy grail. Heck, even doctors can’t collectively make a definite statement on TSA/TSW. Personal experience triumphs everything. Make your own conclusions. Don’t let others decide your life for you. This is life. Shit happens. Deal with it. Make the best out of it. Get real!

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