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Uncomfortable is the new comfortable

Uncomfortable is the new comfortable

Swoosh! It is the end of the first half of our semester and time really flies!

It has been a blast thus far – projects, assignments, group meetings, networking, drinks, clubbings, having fun, long nights, last minute submissions, lectures, recruitment events, activities, sports, football, new friends, new experiences.

Just like that, 6 weeks have passed.

It was not all particularly smooth sailing, but I am thoroughly enjoying doing business school and all this new experience.

I knew very clearly what I was in for when I signed up for business school.

To stretch myself, to be afraid,  to be uncomfortable, to learn new things, to do difficult things that no one else would do, to learn, and to get out of a comfort zone so that growth is possible.

In so many ways, this is what people undergoing TSW go through:

A thoroughly uncomfortable phase of life.

And through it, you learn so much about yourself, your life and your spirit that you would never have known if you didn’t go through TSW.

You learn what is your bottom limits of physical and mental unhappiness.

You gain perspective on what matters most.

You find out who cares about you.

You develop resilience.

Your anchor of happiness deepens and is more grounded in reality.

You become more comfortable, in your own skin, by being uncomfortable.

You took the first step to improve your health, a conscious decision knowing that TSW will bring you hell.

And once you cross the hurdle, you become a new “you”

And once you realise that the best state you should be in for constant and personal development, is a state in which you are constantly uncomfortable. And then perhaps you may see TSW in a different light, as one significant phase of your life that helps you to grow.

Uncomfortable is the new comfortable.

Embrace it.

Embrace it

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