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What is the Best Calcium Supplement for Osteopersosis?

What is the Best Calcium Supplement for Osteopersosis?

Osteoporosis causes the bones to weaken as people age. Although the women suffer from osteoporosis more frequently than man, the disease can strike either gender. Calcium supplements helps prevent bone loss, but supplements in pill form do not always get absorbed well by the body.

The best calcium supplement for osteoporosis is not a supplement by itself. It is a common food item available in any grocery store. Milk is known as a rich source of calcium, but whole milk is high in fat and cholesterol. Skim milk is low in fat and cholesterol, but it is not always practical to add skim milk to foods. Powdered milk retains its calcium rich nature and can be added to many foods without altering the flavor. A teaspoon of powdered milk adds up to 50 milligrams of calcium to many dishes.

Powdered milk may help build bone density, and it may be one of the best supplements for osteoporosis, but it is not the only supplement available. Many nutrition companies sell calcium supplements with varying degrees of quality. Another good strategy to include extra calcium in your diet is to use antacids such as TUMs. The calcium compounds used in the over the counter antacids are easily absorbed in the stomach and distributed throughout the body.

Food, powdered milk and calcium-based antacids comprise some of the best osteoporosis supplements, but sometimes a person may use these methods and still not get enough calcium in his or her diet. Each method has its own specific problems as well. Many over the counter supplements are made from ground up oyster shells. Calcium supplements made from oyster shells help replenish the body’s supply of calcium, but they often contain toxic substances which can become harmful if they are ingested in large amounts.

The best osteoporosis supplements of this type must be purified. Check the label to make sure the contents are purified. Because supplements in pill form do not get absorbed as easily into the body as calcium in food, you should select a slightly larger dose than you need. A doctor can tell you if there are any harmful drug interactions if he knows the medicines you are taking.

You can search for the best calcium supplement to take in addition to food, but the best supplements, like the best exercise, happen to be the ones you will take. You get no benefit from letting them sit on the shelf.

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